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Other popular topics for the past week includes Microsoft, live, Facebook, iPhone 7 and iOS.
For the week ending June 25, 2016, we have analyzed 1353 technology news articles. These are the most frequently appeared keywords in the last week. In order to provide the latest trends, generic terms like "computer", "information" and "technology" are filtered.

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New leaked images that could be Samsung's next big phone show off a mellow Blue Coral shade.

Apple is in talks to buy Tidal, and Spotify versus Apple Music is tech's latest version of "he said, she said."

Tidal offers Apple more star power, but selling out could jeopardize the one thing that makes it valuable.

You can save on the Canary Home Security System, Mophie Power Pack or UE Speakers.

Spotify reportedly says the tech giant is rejecting its new app because it competes with Apple Music.

Spotify accused Apple of using its App Store as a "weapon" to stifle competition. Here's Apple's response.

The Juno spacecraft has crossed into the magnetic field of Jupiter. NASA's soundtrack of the moment is out of this world.

Peter Ha returns to the show to talk about Jeff's Ghostbusters VR experience and interview with Ivan Reitman, Tesla, breakfast cereal and complain about the airport.

The company is discontinuing all its Android tablets -- which means it's done with Android for now.

Trade in your old phone at Verizon and get up to $300 toward a new phone or your phone bill.

Technically Incorrect: Accosted by supposed fans in an LA hotel, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shows remarkable restraint.

Neon, Argon and Mercury: we'll see one new BlackBerry each quarter, according to this report.

Cupertino, California's most famous corporate resident hopes to move into its ambitious new home next year, and construction looks to be progressing on schedule.

Previously a Tidal exclusive, the controversial NSFW video is now available for everyone (of age) to see.

Before cleaning those dirty dishes, wrap up everything from chicken to apple pie and cook it in the dishwasher. The Threadbanger YouTube channel shows you how.

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